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Upon being sworn-in as an “Honorary Member” of the San Diego chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association in the year 2000, Dana F. Harbaugh believed that it would be nice to “get a few photographs for his scrapbook” of the Survivors; as he saw them as true heroes of American history.

Over the course of nearly ten years, that quest for “a few photographs” turned into a duty of his own in upholding his oath to “Remember Pearl Harbor.”

More than 26,000 photographs later, Dana has compiled the best of these photos into this book, Pearls of Honor: Their Duty to Remember, in the belief that many Americans seem to know only of the Survivors as they are being interviewed once a year, on the anniversary of the attack; answering that famous question of: “Where were you that day?” Whereas Dana has been incredibly blessed to see firsthand how the Survivors carry their mission of remembrance to the public nearly every day of the year.

Dana’s love of this country is beyond reproach. The fifth of five sons of a World War II and career Navy fighter and bomber pilot, and a family of men who served in every war in America since the French and Indian Wars, Dana joined the Navy himself in 1987 as an Enlisted Anti-Submarine Warfare Acoustic Sensor Operator and Naval Aircrewman flying aboard the Lockheed S-3A Viking.

Dana’s service time included two overseas deployments aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV-61) and participated in Operations Earnest Will, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and the Defense of the Kurdish Peoples. Along with flying over 240 missions, Dana flew on 56 combat missions in Operation Desert Storm, most of them being at night, and was twice awarded for heroism under heavy enemy fire, as well as numerous other awards.

Upon completion of his sea service, Dana was attached to Fleet Aviation Specialized Operations Training Group Pacific, and served as a Navy Instructor teaching Intermediate and Advanced Acoustic Analysis.

Dana went on to attend East Texas State University majoring in Economics and Finance, with a dual minor in History and Philosophy.

Dana currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and continues to volunteer his photographic services to various veteran and military support groups throughout the region. His favorite saying is affixed to a bumper sticker on his truck: “For those who fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.”

The oath that Dana swore to the Pearl Harbor Survivors has become his mission and calling in life… that of “Remember Pearl Harbor and Keep America Alert!”

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